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Ville Bee is stepping into the metaverse for the first time with the debut of three NFT artworks and two digital wearables during Bright Fashion’s corporate anniversary week.

The artworks will be on display at the company’s offices and on the NFT marketplace OpenSea during Anniversary Week, but will not be for sale; instead, they will become part of the company’s archive.

A digital wearable of the brand’s Ville Bee dress will also be archived as a historical record of the brand’s first foray into the metaverse.

Joaquim Tavares, Bright Fashion’s director of technology, data, privacy, and security, stated, “Ville Bee’s evolution in the metaverse environment exemplifies the company’s inventive spirit and strategy of continual innovation.” We have established a dedicated team for the production of digital content, which will be expanded in the coming months, in order to pursue new initiatives that will enable us to integrate the virtual world into our channel ecosystem’s digital and physical settings.”