Our employees are our lifeblood. After all, they are responsible for moving the company forward through daily tasks and helping us achieve our corporate objectives. We believe that without a strong and committed team, it is difficult for a company to grow and succeed. That’s why we value our employees so much.

We Recognize

At Bright Fashion, we believe that when our work is recognized, we feel happy and satisfied. That’s why we value our employees so much – after all, happy employees contribute to a positive and collaborative work environment, which improves organizational climate and reduces stress among employees.

We Value

Our employees have a direct impact on customer satisfaction and the reputation of the company. After all, when they provide an excellent customer service, they help increase consumer loyalty and our company’s reputation in the market

We Understand

It is our employees who bring new skills, experiences, and unique perspectives, helping the company to grow, innovate and adapt so that we can meet the needs of our customers and stand out in the market.

We Believe

We believe in talent retention: this means keeping our experienced and talented employees for the long term. After all, experienced employees tend to be more efficient, productive, and accurate in their work, which becomes valuable to us.


We want our employees to be the best among the best, and for that, we provide tools, assistance, and training to help everyone develop their skills. We actively encourage our employees to manage their own growth and promote a work environment that fosters learning and development so that our collaborators can enjoy a long and meaningful career with us.

In this way, with a team of qualified and motivated professionals, we will continue to grow in this competitive world of fashion while maintaining our innovation and excellence.


Our business is fashion and, as it is a universal language, we attract people from all over the world. Our team is composed of a beautiful diversity of talents and nationalities, enriching the culture of our company, strengthening our business, and helping us achieve exceptional development.

Our teams are continuously creating, solving problems, and setting trends to bring to life the things our consumers desire. That’s why it is crucial that our team represents the variety of individuals we serve globally.


In March 2020, only a modest group of dedicated people worked for Bright Fashion, in a small office in Sanguedo, Aveiro. Although small in number, our dreams were grand and our determination unshakeable. The years passed and with them, our team gained new faces. Today our team is composed of talents from various places around the world, enriching our culture and our work with inspiring diversity.

However, even with growth and the changes that come with it, we have never lost sight of our original essence. The same passion that drove our early days still burns in each one of us, strengthening our conviction and directing every decision we make.

Gender pay gap

We are thrilled that the Group’s median pay gap has decreased from 0.0 percent to a very excellent -8.1 percent. This illustrates our continuous commitment to equality through equitable opportunity and compensation. Additionally, our most recent data demonstrates that close to 70% of our senior leadership is now female.  We recognize and value the opportunity to learn from others and continue to grow in order to make genuine progress in this field.

Future leaders

We are talent spotters and we actively seek out the people within our business, who will effectively lead our business in the future. We are a young business and we strongly believe in rewarding talent regardless of age and experience. Our Future Leaders programme has 112 graduates who have now made their first steps into leadership. Our talent pipeline moves our teams up and through the business to make the most of their individual skills.

Financial well-being

  • Private medical care
  • 30% discount on all Bright Fashion brands
  • Employee discount on dozens of products and services
  • Exclusive employee only sample sales

Lifestyle well being

  • Free or heavily subsided gym memberships
  • Subsidised travel schemes
  • Early finish Fridays
  • Dress down – all the time
  • Free English classes
  • Employee forums
  • Continuous learning

Fun and games

  • All expenses paid trips for our longest serving staff on their 10 year anniversary
  • Show stopping Christmas parties
  • Summer BBQ’s
  • Casual Friday party once a month