Our People

Our dedication to our collaborators is ingrained in the very core of our organization. They are the cornerstone of our work. We began with a small staff in and have grown into an international family.


Our commitment to our people is woven into the very fabric of our business.


Our commitment to our people is woven into the very fabric of our business.


Our commitment to our people is woven into the very fabric of our business.


Our commitment to our people is woven into the very fabric of our business.


Our business is fashion, and we attract very bright individuals from throughout Portugal and the world. Our employees work in agile teams to create new goods, and our fantastic IT team brings our products to or consumers worldwide through the development of breakthrough technology solutions.

We take satisfaction in identifying the finest of the best, fostering their potential, and assisting them in growing into the very best they can be. We provide tools, assistance, and training to assist everyone in developing their abilities, and we actively encourage our employees to manage their own growth in order to enjoy a long and meaningful career with us.


Our teams at bright fashion group are continually inventing, problem solving, and defining trends in order to bring the things our consumers desire to life. That is why it is critical for our staff to represent the variety of the individuals we serve globally. Recruiting individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives strengthens our business and enables us to achieve exceptional development.


Back in 2006 just a handful of people worked for Bright Fashion out of a tiny office in Sanguedo, Aveiro. Today, whilst the heart of the historic textile district of Manchester remains our home, our amazing team of over 5000 people work across the globe, but we remain one big Bright Fashion family. Today our teams work in many countries around the Globe and it’s these people that make the Bright Fashion group what it is.

It also might surprise you to know that all our hourly paid employees earn significantly above the National Living Wage, regardless of their age and no-one is employed on a zero hours contract, unless they request one.

Gender pay gap

We are thrilled that the Group’s median pay gap has decreased from 0.0 percent to a very excellent -8.1 percent. This illustrates our continuous commitment to equality through equitable opportunity and compensation. Additionally, our most recent data demonstrates that close to 70% of our senior leadership is now female.  We recognize and value the opportunity to learn from others and continue to grow in order to make genuine progress in this field.

Future leaders

We are talent spotters and we actively seek out the people within our business, who will effectively lead our business in the future. We are a young business and we strongly believe in rewarding talent regardless of age and experience. Our Future Leaders programme has 112 graduates who have now made their first steps into leadership. Our talent pipeline moves our teams up and through the business to make the most of their individual skills.

Financial well-being

  • Private medical care
  • 30% discount on all Bright Fashion brands
  • Employee discount on dozens of products and services
  • Exclusive employee only sample sales

Lifestyle well being

  • Free or heavily subsided gym memberships
  • Subsidised travel schemes
  • Early finish Fridays
  • Dress down – all the time
  • Free English classes
  • Employee forums
  • Continuous learning

Fun and games

  • All expenses paid trips for our longest serving staff on their 10 year anniversary
  • Show stopping Christmas parties
  • Summer BBQ’s
  • Casual Friday party once a month