Security is not a feature

At Bright Fashion, we recognize that protecting our customers’ and users’ privacy and security through the provision of secure services and products is critical for developing and retaining confidence. As a result, we work to ensure that all of our systems and services consistently offer secure and engaging consumer experiences. Everyone is affected by security: our customers, our developers, and the security community as a whole. For both us and you, the security of our networks and services is critical. We take it really seriously.


We are accountable for the security of our online platform, which is utilized by thousands of clients daily. As a result, we place a premium on the security of our systems – as well as that of our clients and users. With industry-leading security technology and processes, we protect our clients online and adhere to strict authentication requirements to provide the highest level of security for your sign-in.

Bug Bounty

At Bright Fashion, we interact with independent professionals and teams to identify security flaws in our services and with leading researchers to enhance our security solutions. By rewarding hackers for every bug they disclose to us, we leverage a broad hacker community to test our apps. If you uncover a vulnerability, we’d want to know about it so we can take appropriate action.