Rely On Suppliers

We rely on solid partnerships with our suppliers to deliver on-trend items at an fair price to our clients. Managing our supply chain responsibly and sustainably is critical as our business continues to develop.

We’ve been growing our team of suppliers in Po and beyond. This will assist us in ensuring that we have a clear map of all the factories that produce our clothing and that our suppliers adhere to our requirements for worker protection and product quality.

To maintain our commitment to a honest and ethical supply chain, we’ve reinforced our standards. We’ll work closely with our suppliers to assist them in overcoming obstacles and making a good impact.

Auditing and compliance

The Compliance Program’s objective is to guarantee that all of our suppliers and manufacturers adhere to the company’s Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Manufacturers as well as applicable international labor standards.

We conduct the following sorts of audits as part of the Compliance Program:

  • Pre-assessment audits
  • Special audits
  • Social audits